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Remote Support


1 Remote Support

1-1 Remote Support Address  

Go to the TeamViewer Quick Support page and run TeamViewerQS. RC Digital can log in to your computer and perform remote support.   TeamViewer QuickSupport address (click here).
When you run QuickSupport, you'll see a session code starting with an s, sxx-xxx-xxx. That session code will be used to log in to your computer. (where x is a number).

Figure 1-1> Run screen of TeamViewer QuickSupport changed for RC Digital

1-2 The possibility of remote support

  • The constant velocity extrusion program RcdWin, the extrusion management program EM, and the extrusion data analysis program can be installed. There is no need to go to the factory.
  • When a problem occurs at the factory, the cause of the problem can be investigated in the extrusion database of the PC.
  • It is possible to adjust control parameters and investigate signal defects.
  • It is possible to investigate PC problems.
  • It is possible to upgrade the program version.

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2 Remote Meeting

2-1 Remote meeting address

Go to the TeamViewer quick join page and run TeamViewer QJ. TeamViewer QuickJoin address (click here).
Execute QuickJoin and enter the conference ID specified by RC Digital. The RC Digital PC screen will be displayed on your PC screen.

Fig. 2-1> Execute screen of TeamViewer QuickJoin changed for RC Digital

2-2 What you can do with remote meeting

  • You can see a demonstration of the program, including constant velocity extrusion program RcdWin, extrusion management program EM, and extrusion data analysis program EDA.

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3 24x7 monitoring

3-1 TemViewer Host

  • RC Digital can monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if TeamViewer Host is installed on a factory computer.
  • On the day the factory is off, RC Digital can collect extrusion data for troubleshooting and maintain the PC.

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