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Extrusion Data Analysis


1 Extrusion Data Analysis


We will convert aluminum extrusion plants into IT.
Using the data saved in the database by constant velocity extrusion and isothermal extrusion (RcdWin), extrusion control (EM), and extrusion data analysis (EDA), the following functions are available.

  • Forms and graphs of extrusion data.
  • Detection of equipment anomaly data.
  • A CSV file of aluminum extruder stop time (idle time) and a slight stop (choco stop) and extrusion die change time.
  • History of extrusion parameters per extrusion die (e.g. extrusion speed).
  • Extrusion die usage history.
  • Real time monitor.
  • Yield.

1-2 Maintenance and extensibility

The RcdWin PC runs on a LAN, so it can be used in conjunction with a factory production control system to automate extrusion.
Automatically collect extrusion parameters and adjust extrusion parameters automatically. Data can be sent to the Extrusion Data Analysis Program (EDA), and EDA can analyze extrusion data.
Maintenance is done remotely via the Internet. RcdWin, EDA, EM, EP, RcdWinMoni and extrusion database work on one PC.

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2 Extrusion die selection screen

  • Select [Extrusion die number] and click [Extrusion die usage history].
  • It will transition to the [Pushing die usage history] screen.

Fig. 2-1 Extrusion die selection screen

  • Click [Non extrusion time Xlsx file].
  • The idle time from the end of extrusion to the start of extrusion is output as a graph to an Xlsx file.

Fig. 2-2 Non extrusion time (extruder idle time) Xlsx file

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3 Extrusion die usage history

  • Display the usage history of the extrusion die in order from the new one.
  • The extrusion parameters of the extrusion die for the selected day are displayed in the table below.
  • Execute [Extruded billet table] and it will transition to the form printing screen of extrusion die of the selected day 0

Fig. 3-1 Extrusion die usage history

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4 Extrusion billet table

  • By executing the [Print] button, you can print the report on printer, Excel, PDF, Word.
  • The extrusion process can be viewed graphically by executing the [Graph] button.
  • You can set the abnormal value of the measurement data in the lower table. The upper row is above the abnormal value, and the lower row is below the abnormal value. Outliers are preceded by ** in the form's numeric value.

Fig. 4-1 Extrusion billet table 

4-1 Example of extrusion billet list

  • The items displayed on the form vary depending on the factory, but the form to be printed is about 3 pages at A4 side.
  • In the case of Excel, when the file is opened, the entire line can be seen in one line.

Fig.4-2 Extrusion billet liste 

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5 Extrusion data search


  • You can see the data of the form in a graph.

Fig. 5-1 Extrusion data search 

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6 Real time monitor

  • 押出状況をリアルタイムのグラフで見ることができます。

Fig. 6-1 Realtime Monitor

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Product yield

  • Calculate the yield for the specified period by referring to the number of good parts per lot of extrusion die.
  • If the same extrusion die comes in two times, the number of good items for the second die will be cumulative.
  • If the end message is No, the number of good products has not been entered yet.

図番7-1 Product yield 

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