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1 Desk Work Software 

Easy Purchase and Sales Accounting Book (ePSA)


Purchase and Sales Accounting Book for beginners. It was developed jointly with a tax accountant who knows much about computer systems.

Outline of the Major Functions:

Printing of Ledgers and Totals Tables which can be vertically and horizontally

Automatic calculation of previous fiscal year's outstanding accounts

Selection of the monthly closing day

Registering names of products and account actions

Date and Time with Animations included for useful enjoyment

Ledgers and Totals Tables files can be easily e-mailed to a tax accountant

Key word search by client name, telephone, address etc.

Usage of the ACCESS database makes it compatible with other Windows software

Recommended by some licensed tax accountants due to its easy operation

Detailed explanation

free download( now Japanese version only)

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2 Machine Control Software

Aluminum Extrusion Press Machine Uniform Ram Speed Extrusion/Uniform Temperature Extrusion   Controller rcdWin rcdWin runs on the .NET platform of Windows XP.  It is the speed controller of the ram speed of the aluminum extrusion press machine (uniform ram speed extrusion/uniform temperature extrusion )to avoid overshooting and to increase productivity. It registers data of up to 20,000 extrusions to the database by default mode. Details
Extrusion Data Monitor rcdWinMoni All 20,000 extrusions' data with the default mode that rcdWin registered can be searched by designating the date and time from the local or network PC and  monitor the control process. By changing the control parameters, output voltage can be simulated. The comparison of the measured output voltage and simulation value is possible. Details
Dies Database DIES

The ram speed control depends on the accumulated data in the database. Even in the case of extruding the first aluminum billet head in a die automatically. Details
Aluminum Extrusion Press Controlling and Measuring  Data Collection Database RCC

Register extrusion process data with database. On the basis of time, dies number, etc. searching data and monitoring the process are possible. Details

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