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Be Not Nobody

Debut album of Vanessa Carlton, including the masterpiece of "A Thousand Miles" She is elegant and cool, looking good when singing to her own piano accompaniment.

Red Rose Speedway
The album includes "My Love", which is Paul McCartney's greatest masterpiece and probably his best singing piece in his Wings days. (I think "Hey Jude" is the counterpart of his Beatles days. As for that of John Lennon, "Please Mister Postman", George "My Sweet Lord", and Ringo "It Don't Come Easy".) It is a pop album like "Ram". Both music and sound are rendered so much better that it seems to be the greatest pop album in music history. Now I remember Paul made "Goodbye" for Mary Hopkin, the greatest pop single music in music history. So Paul is in turn the greatest pop composer in music history, isn't he? Other than "My Love", "Little Lamb Dragonfly" is beautiful as a mourning tune to a little lamb. He made this song for Linda's daughter  Mary's little lamb . As for "Please Mister Postman" Carpenters sang in the Beatles style, too. They sang in the way John might have sung, so it sounds very good to my ears. I bet the duo is the Beatles fan.

The City and the Stars

Head First Design Patterns
There are major 14 Design Patterns explained from  GOF's 23 with many figures and photographs so that you can make practical use of them. You will sure be able to make programs elegantly by using Object -Oriented design  while making class diagrams.   There are good examples  you can sure enjoy, such as a duck pond simulation game, a weather monitoring station, a pizza store, an MP3 player and so on.   Isn't it fun to imagine that the conversation between Master and students is like that between Yoda and Luke in Star Wars?  You can download the source code by Java and C# here. Just enjoy it. Erich Gamma, a Gang of Four, who created Design Patterns,  says it is 'tres cool'.
  Snow White  
It is Snow White from Grimm's fairy tales, familiar as one of the Disney movies as well. Snow White is performed by Kristin Kreuk, endowed with beautiful big eyes. She is popular among teens in the US, but not so famous in Japan despite her Oriental appearance. CG is used effectively to make the movie a beautiful fantasy. By the way, there appears a witch full of warts, but they could be easily cured with dry ice now, couldn't they? Photograph of Kristin Kreuk
Since 2001 she has played the role of Lana Lang in American TV drama Smallville , which is in the 7th season as of 2008. It is a big hit as a TV drama, I must say. She will not reportedly appear regularly in the 8th season. But she does on some occasions . I suppose Lana fans may be reassured. Her father is German and her mother is Chinese. Half- bloodedness adds to exoticism and beauty, as is the case with Kara.

 I Call Your Name
The difference between the Beatles and Rolling Stones is that the Beatles' songs are extremely beautiful and melodious while those of Rolling Stones are characterized as having magic like Keith Richard once said. (One of the most appropriate examples might be 'Brown Sugar'). The way the Beatles sing is superb. But their songs in themselves  are basically so excellent that other musicians are willing to cover them. For example, Mamas & Papas sings 'I Call Your Name'in a ballad style, which I prefer to the Beatles original rock style. Other favorite of mine is Judy Collins' ' Norwegian Wood' and Marianne Faithfull's 'Yesterday'. Talking of a 1960s icon, Marianne Faithfull, she was Mick Jagger's  girlfriend and sang his famous tune 'As Tears Go By'. You can hear it here. It is a well-known fact that their famous ballad 'Angie' refers to her. You can hear Stones' 'As Tears Go By' from their 'Single Collections'. They include Beatles' "I Wanna Be Your Man" in this album, too. So they are good friends to each other through music,aren't they?

The Misbehavior of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin & Reward
by Benoit Mandelbrot
Risk, ruin and reward all happen in an instant. The father of the fractal geometry, Dr. Mandelbrot, explains the money market based on his multi-fractal theory. The year 2008 is coming to an end, when we are experiencing the global financial crisis, and it is the very time we should read the book by all means, I assure you.


Caves of Steel (Robot City)
by Isaac Asimov
The day will come when the human would live in a dome city surrounded by iron steel and concrete. They might fight with population growth and the natural threat on our planet, which would have turned into a huge desert.

 Three Musicals
Goodbye, Mr. Chips , Les Parapluies de Cherbourg , and Dancer in the Dark are my three best and all-time favorite musicals . First, I' m going to talk about Goodbye, Mr. Chips, which has become a DVD recently 40 years after its first appearance as a movie. The main actress is Petra Clark, who is famous for "Downtown". a hit song in 1965. She plays a role of Catherine, a musical actress . Her song is beautiful. She is guided by Mr. Chips to see the sights of the ancient remains of Pompeii . The remains are as fascinating as her song. In Wikipedia there is a photo of Anfiteatro, one of the excavated constructors. Taken at the same angle I saw it in the movie, it makes me feel as if Chips and Catherine were there. Mr. Chips, so nicknamed, teaches at a boys' public boarding school. He aspires to be the headmaster of the school and nobody wanted him to be more eagerly than Catherine, so that the last scene surly would be particularly touching.
And now "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg". Its music is reputed as one of the most beautiful soundtracks and I don't think you would disagree. The main actress Catherine Deneuve acts as Geneviève, who is a daughter of a madam selling umbrellas at a little boutique in Cherbourg . She promises to marry her friend Guy. And in fact they even decides about their future children's names. But they are torn apart because Guy has to go to war. However, six years after their parting they meet accidentally at Guy's gas station on a Christmas Eve, when it is snowing. They know they have their own family and find their children's name s are the ones they decided on ....
Talking of Catherine Deneuve, she also appears in "Dancer in the Dark" But she is not the protagonist. This time it is an Icelandic popular singer-songwriter Björk. She plays as Selma, a factory worker who dreams of becoming a musical actress. In the last scene Selma is executed while singing, unable to tell the truth. Her song in this scene is as impressive as can be. "Dancer in the Dark" was created by a talented director, Lars von Trier. Such is his skill in making films that "Dancer in the Dark" would move you to tears just like his other movie "Dogville". The Palme d'Or was awarded to "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" and "Dancer in the Dark2 at 1964 and 2000 Cannes Film Festival respectively.
 Memoirs of a Geisha
You can enjoy good old Japan such as Gion in  Kyoto,  geisha-girls,  and Japanese traditional gardens through   a beautiful  picture. You are reminded of a  cool Zhang Ziyi when  SAYURI(played by Zhang Ziyi) throws a  handkerchief  into  the air from a  ountaintop. By the way, the painter Kara  resembles Zhang very much, both being the same height. She is born in Canada, but she  has a lot of relatives in Japan. That's why she has  something oriental about her.  
Mini love story featuring Kirsten Dunst, actress with a good figure, who acted in both "Bring It On" and "Wimbledon" and Orlando Bloom, who is popular with girls including Kara. There are so many jokes that i almost could be a comedy.
Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks
"Talk to Me" is recommended. It would give you energy. The famous intro song "Stand Back" was developed when Prince visited and played Stevie some of the melody.


Asimov's Foundation Series

The Wedding Singer

It is a slapstick happy ending love comedy in old-fashioned American style, just like some old movies starring Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis . The casting of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is, however, not less enjoyable than that of Wood and Curtis. Sandler's“Grow Old with You”is beautiful.

Gold Experinece

Prince’s absolute masterpiece ‘The Most Beautiful Girl ’95’ picks up your spirits.

 Back to Bedlam

This is a song in the debut album of James Blunt. It became No. 1 in British chart along with the album, which had been released nine months before.
Both remained on the top together for six weeks. After the hit in England its popularity spread all over the world. When I heard it first on AFN-Japan , it sounded like ‘Miss a Thing’ of Aero Smith to me. I was surprised to hear it was a worldwide hit song. As you know, the song is heard on TV commercial even in Japan.


Teleportation (moment movement) has come to be real. Is the universe a computer which links at the level of quanta? The book deals with the latest quantum information science about material, energy, information.

The Skeleton Key

Mystery suspense horror starring sexy, cute Kate Hudson. She usually plays in romantic comedies, but her coolness and agility is what makes her suited to suspense. The nature in Louisiana, like marshy swamps and bayous, black magic of "Hoodoo", the music that touches audience's heartstrings -- they build up suspense. It may well be labeled a masterpiece.

O, Yeah! Ultimate Aero smith Hits

This is a collection of hard rock and ballad. The atmosphere of the album is like that of the Beatles’ White Album with a reputation of their best.
It covered their song ‘Come Together’.

Programming the Universe

Warped Passages

Abbey Road
Abbey Road was the best-sold Beatles album, selling over 15 million copies. In England it is the No. 1 album in the history of record sales. When it was released, most of the songs requested to the radio stations are those from this album. Some love Come Together, ‘Something’,‘I Want You (She's So Heavy)’, Here Comes the Sun, and others loveBecause’, ‘She Came in Through the Bathroom Window’,‘Oh! Darling’, ‘Her Majesty’. Each person has his own favorite song. But who likesHer Majesty ‘which lasts no more than 30 seconds. I wonder whether the members were serious or not when they decided to include this song in the album. The song itself is made up of Paul's lead vocal and acoustic guitar with sweet melody and easy rhythm. I know a girl who likesMaxwell's Silver Hammer’, which sounds like a children's song in a way but nevertheless it has an impressive arrangement, evoking a kind of royal magnificence, right? The Abby Road where the studio was located is so famous for the album jacket scene that Beatles fans all over the world go there and take their photographs like the Beatles did. I also liked it so much that I did oil painting. You can see my oil painting work in Lounge. Photograph of Abbey Road
Historia De La Escritura Bewitched  
This is a popular comedy TV program, broadcast in the U.S by ABC from 1966 to 1972. In Japan it first appeared in 1964, and since then it has been on the air over and over. After 40 years it is still broadcast on NHK (by BS digital broadcasting) and some commercial broadcasting stations. The first season was in black and white, but it was processed in color when released as a DVD. The musical and visual compositions are still fresh. From the fifth season  Elizabeth Montgomery played two roles, Samantha and her cousin Serena. If you ask me which of the witches bewitches me, I choose the goblin-like Serena, who looks the more charming to me. It is also fun to watch Samantha's traditional costumes and Serena's then trendy hippie fashion. Elizabeth's hippie fashion became a topic and she was featured on an issue of American TV Guide magazine. The famous actress Nicole Kidman played a role of Samantha recently. But Elizabeth's costumes and hair-styles as well as herself are the more bewitching, I think.

 ZZ Top
Eliminator Afterburner Recycler Recommended for those who must take a long train ride from and to their office though exhausted from their work. They will make you feel relaxed. It is comfortable if you raise the volume, but be careful not to annoy the people around you in the train.
Under the Tuscan Sun
Featuring Diane Lane, who is as charming as she was when she played in "A Little Romance " in 1979. She plays a role of a writer, occupation many people long for. When she is depressed by her divorce, she buys a house in Tuscany, Italy, in whose beatufil nature she gets gradually better and regains herself. The best scenery is that of the shore of Positano, where she meets her loved one. Positano, which is in the neighborhood of the famous shore of Amalfi, is said to be more suitable as the dating place. Yes, the best place, when it comes to where to live as well, seems to be near the port. From my room I can see ships come in and go out of the port. I watch them every day and that's really relaxing . (The scene of the port in "Under the Tuscan Sun").
Sotto il sole della Toscana
un film americano con Diane Lane, che è tanto affascinante come quando ha interpretato una teenageer in "A Little Romance " in 1979. Questa volta Diane faccia la parte della scrittrice americana, che ha un gran successo professionistico ma non è felice nella sua vita privata. Ferita dal divorzio, compra una casa in Toscana, nella quale bella natura si riprende gradualmente.
Appaiono tanti bei paesaggi ma il migliore è il panorama di
Positano, dove incontra il suo innamorato. Positano, che sta vicino a Amalfi, sembra addato per l'appuntamento amoroso.
Sì, il posto migliore per abitare è la vicinanza al porto pure. Dalla mia stanza posso vedere le navi che entrano ed escono dal porto. Le guardo ogni giorno e mi rilasso così .
Una scena di "Sotto il sole della Toscana ").


Rock with unbelievably beautiful guitar sound! George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and others perform.


Even 30 years later Eric Clapton's guitar is still cool, isn't it?


Eric Clapton performed also with John Lennon 36 years ago at Live Peace concert in Toronto.






She is one of the most famous bossa nova singers in Japan. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and grew up there until 10 years old. So she is familiar with bossa nova like other native Brazilians. The Other Side of the Mirror
by  Stevie Nicks


Here is Wild Life by Paul McCartney's Wings. He brought up an environmental problem 35 year ago when he claimed with his songs that both humans and animals have the right to live on the earth. This is one of my favorite albums because it contains songs with melody lines as novel as those he wrote when he was a Beatle.



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